Heroes Chained


Heroes Chained is a real time fantasy action RPG card game, where the player becomes a Guild Master and gathers heroes.

It is a GameFi project. It is “Play & Earn” as opposed to “Play To Earn”.

HC offers many unique features and is centered around NFTs, staking, farming, yielding and crafting. The game offers players countless heroes with different classes, races and genes with many abilities and spells; and our breeding system to create new unique heroes.

The game also offers a massive world with many different locations, hidden dungeons, treasurers, monsters and creatures.

Every object valuable in the game is an NFT item stored on an independent blockchain. NFTs can be obtained in multiple ways such as exploring, claiming, crafting, in-game events and purchasing. NFTs also come in many forms; heroes, land, items, card spells, etc.

The fantasy world of Ventuna, which is home to many races and lands, has been ravaged by the dark lord Oblivion and his eternal champions. In a last stance to fight back, all the races gathered together and created the biggest city to be known in all history, ‘Last Hope’. The city is able to sustain the many races and their kind and protect them from the Dark Lord Oblivion’s reach and influence. Your unique and fun adventure starts right here.


What Makes HC Stand Out

Game design and development by Mev Dinc, the Legend and his team for a unique balance of game difficulty to produce easy to learn, and yet deep to master game play.

Award-winning-Hollywood arts for the game graphics as well as the scarce, functional and artistic NFT’s, thanks to Onur Cayli, the Mage et al.

Combining popular fantasy action RPG gaming with clever card play elements.

Real time play as opposed to turn based.

Play with lasting fun factor; guilds, heroes, spells, quests and tournaments plus many more.

Making blockchain accessible to regular gamers thus helping the genre become mass market.

Pulling in non-gamers, non-coiners to both gaming and blockchain, thanks to easy to learn game play, custodial wallet support option, gamification based blockchain user training.